Water Damaged Timber Removal in London

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At Southern Damp Proofing, we specialize in the treatment and elimination of timber damp across the UK. Our experts are readily available to advise and offer help if you suspect that you may have wood rot. Our certified experts are trained in the identification and diagnosis of wood rot and are fully equipped to eliminate the problem so that you don’t have to worry about it.

The team has successfully dealt with severe cases of dry rot in the UK. We are obligated to treating the problem by first locating the source of the issue, and then tackling it outwards. We then repair and treat the affected areas and replace any irreparably damaged structures to prevent any future contaminations.

Why do you need Timber Damp Removal?

Timber damp is a precursor to many problems in your home. For you to correctly diagnose the problem, you need a specialist in the field. The expert will also help prescribe the best treatment to eradicate the problem. A full inspection of your home is recommended. Over time, dampness will compromise the structural integrity of your home. Additionally, it encourages the growth of wood-rotting fungi that cause both dry rot and wet rot. The result is the deterioration of structural timber. The longer the timber is exposed to damp, the more severe the decay will be.

What is the Southern Damp Proofing timber damp removal survey?

Firstly, if you are renting out a place and are experiencing damp related problems, you should get in touch with your landlord, renting agency, housing association or local authority because we will need approval before inspecting the property.

Secondly, we will inspect the building from the ground floor upwards. We will examine every part for any signs of dampness, from penetrating damp, rising damp, defective guttering, poor plumbing and any signs that your damp proofing course has been bridged. After we have ascertained the source of the damp, we will then correctly diagnose the damp problems you experience in your home. A full report of this will be available for review and advice on the treatment required.

Finally, we will check on the ventilation of the building for any signs of condensation. By request, we will also survey the first floor of the building and test the chimney breasts for any salt deposits caused by damp.

Damp Proofing Can Help Prevent

  • Rising / Penetrating Damp
  • Ingress of Water
  • Salt Crystallization
  • Plaster Breakdown
  • Damp Staining
  • Wet Rot / Dry Rot

What is our procedure for Timber Damp removal?

Before we embark on removing the timber damp, we carry out an external survey of the property to identify any decaying timber or structural faults that may lead to future outbreaks of fungal infection. After this is finished, our staff will then involve you in every stage of the implementation period until the last of the decay has been eliminated, and preventive measures put in place.

Damp Proofing Services in London

Why choose Southern Damp Proofing for your Timber Damp Removal?

Southern Damp Proofing has been in the industry for more than X years, providing solutions to homeowners on matters damp removal. We have worked on restorations and renovations to permanently fix issues caused by damp.

We are an independent family run business that takes great pride in the work we do and are confident in the services that we offer our clients. Our expert workmanship has taken us through X years of building apartments, repairing structures with major defects and erecting house extensions. We have been involved in putting up two buildings and are specialists in construction work. We vouch for the experience that our company comes with.

Southern Damp Proofing offers a wide range of maintenance services and property preservation for buildings across London and the South East England. This includes roofing, garage conversions, full house renovations, bathroom refits and kitchen restorations.

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What guarantees do we offer?

The damp removal treatments that we offer are assured to last over 20 years. With structural waterproofing and tanking services, we guarantee the client protection for an upward of 10 years.

Additionally, we guarantee solutions for many other damp repairs and treatments for timber damp. Our guarantees have been acknowledged by mortgage lenders as proof of work appropriately delivered.

What is the cost of Timber Damp removal?

The cost of repairs generally depends on the extent of the damage. However, this cost is not inclusive of any major repairs and additional tasks that may need to be carried out on the property. This might include rail replacements and sill sections that may need to be handled in the same process.

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With more than X years treating infections caused by rising dampness, penetrating damp, wet and dry rot, woodworm and condensation in both commercial structures and residential houses, we are your best bet at getting quality service at competitive prices. We pride ourselves with personalising our services to suit every client that reaches out to us. If you are contemplating buying, renting, or part exchanging your property, call us for a survey and full report.

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Why must the plaster be removed during damp proof course work?

The rising damp brings with it not just moisture but also chlorides, nitrates and other hygroscopic salts from the ground. These salts attract water, both in the masonry and from the air.

After contaminating the plaster from within, the salts can cause farther damage even after installation of a damp proof course. This is the reason why infected plaster has to be scraped off and replaced with a fresh one.

Can Timber Damp be treated without removing the plaster?

No. Once the plaster is contaminated with salt deposits, it must be removed.

Why choose a timber and damp survey over a homebuyers report?

This would primarily be due to the cost. Timber and the damp survey will cost a fraction compared to a homebuyer’s survey. Majority of the houses in the UK are constructed using stone/brick and timber, meaning that timber and the damp survey will inspect the whole property and advise you on any issues present.