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We help people eradicate all types of damp from all types of properties, above and below ground. Our services include damp proofing, mould eradication, condensation control, timber treatment and cellar tanking.

We work all over South London, South East London and parts of Kent and cover all aspects of damp related remedial works.

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At Southern Damp Poofing London, we provide a wide range of different damp proofing treatments and timber preservation services, all of which are designed to rid your property of unsightly and unhealthy damp issues.

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Penetrating Damp Problems

When walls are subjected to prolonged rain, penetrating damp surfaces. Damp walls can be caused by leaky roofing, fractures in paint, poorly maintained guttering, burst pipes, tide marks, cracked tiles, damaged skirting boards, overflowing, sinks, or baths.  If a penetrating damp problem is left untreated it can cause deterioration to the fabric of your property including damage to walls, floors, ceilings and can even cause rot to timbers.
Unlike rising damp penetrating damp, can happen at any level of your property.

Rising damp problems

One of the hardest types of damp problem to repair, Rising damp is caused by moisture underground that rises through your floors and brickwork. Rising damp that comes up from the ground is commonly caused by having a damaged damp proof course, or no damp proof course at all. Or there could be water penetrating from the outside because of a missing roof tile, leaking window frames or blocked gutter. Rising damp can cause a powdery white substance on the walls damaging paint and plaster.

Damp Proofing Specialists

If you need quality service on damp proofing walls whether it be interior, exterior, or foundation, get in touch with our damp proofing experts on 020 7971 1329.

Our Damp Proof experts provide a professional damp survey and specialist damp proofing treatments. An extensive assessment of the amount of damage is noted, and recommendations for specific damp treatment is provided.

Southern Damp Proofing has fully qualified damp proof surveyors under the property care Association. Additionally, our surveyors are highly trained in providing solutions for all damp issues that could be affecting home owners; all of our surveyors are also CRST qualified (certified surveyor in remedial treatment in parentheses.

Ensure that your property is protected from the high rainfall in the United Kingdom

Southern Damp Proofing offers a variety of different methods to damp proof your property. To know the most appropriate method will depend on the type of property.

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It's imperative that damp is identified as soon as possible to ensure structural soundness and prevent severely damaging the structural quality of your home. Call our damp specialists today at 020 7971 1329 to receive the best damp solutions, or click the link below to arrange an online survey.

Damp Proofing FAQ

Properties across the UK will suffer from damp at some stage. If damp goes untreated it can be extremely damaging to the structure of your home. If you do not know what causes structural dampness, it's the presence of unwanted condensation or moisture within the structure of the building. Dampness can be formed as the result of water penetration from the outside or within the property.

What are the common causes of penetrating damp
Penetrating damp happens in a property that has building defects. Building defects can include defective roof coverings, leaky rainwater pipes, or faulty door or window pointings. The most common cases of penetrating damp are due to defective masonry, render, and pointing. Brickwork point brickwork, pointing, and render candidates here are eight can wear with age, frost, or physical damage.

Penetrating damp is often identified or made worse after heavy periods of downpour, which is a common problem particularly during the winter season in the UK. However, heavy snowfall can also have a similar result if it packs and freezes on the outer walls or roof of your property and then melts.

One of the main reasons why older properties are affected by penetrating damp is there building materials may have been affected by storm damage or may be deteriorating over time and therefore unable to do the job they were meant to do.


Can cavity wall insulation cause dampness?
Cavity wall insulation is growing in popularity because it improves the heat retention of the home which decreases the likelihood of dampness.

Cavity wall insulation is a great idea if you have a clean cavity. It is true that filling the cavity with insulation can cause damp and this is usually due to lumps of mortar lying on the cavity tie.

Can penetrating damp cause health issues?
Yes, if you have damp and mould in your home you’re more likely to have respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma. Damp and mould can also affect the immune system.

When treated quickly the effects of damp in most cases have no need for concern. The recognisable look and smell of damp might be unwanted: however, health issues are minimal if the problem is taking care of quickly. In general, it’s not healthy for people to live in damp conditions with an unresolved problem for an extended period of time.

Does penetrating damp cause mold and what is damp mold?
Many homeowners make the mistake of self diagnosing and treating individual areas of damp that affect their property. If the treatment or diagnosis is done in properly this could cause the homeowner more money and time and the damage could continue to get worse.

Should I worry about right? New. One of the major structural one of the major causes of structural damage to properties is wrought in timber due to damp or poor ventilation. Rot in timber can be very serious. A specialist should be called in for help if you suspect you have rock.

What is the difference between wet rock and dry rot? Dry rot needs less moisture than wet rock and can grow on non timber materials, E. G. Plaster and bricks. Dry rot signs include white or orange patchy gross, crumbling timber, deep cracks, and a mushroom-type smell.

Wet rot, on the other hand, grows where timber is wet and there is a continuous source of moisture. This type of rot doesn’t spread through brickwork and stops growing when there is no moisture. Signs of wet rock may include a black fungus, soft and spongy timber that could be discolored, and potentially a damp, musty smell.

Is damp proofing work covered by insurance and guaranteed? Completing property maintenance in your home can be stressful, but rest assured that your damp proof course will be installed effectively and efficiently by our team of experts.

The length the damp proof work guarantee varies based on the treatment chosen. We believe that property care specialists should offer customers long-term guarantees when possible. We are confident that we offer a high standard of work and are pleased to issue a guarantee a trusted guarantee. And document

How can I tell if my property has damp proof course?
Damp proof course or typically installed at the bottom of the walls in the form of the plastic membrane. This type of protection stops damp from rising up the walls. Damp proof course is the most modern damp proof course is the current modern deterrent and was implemented in the 1970s. Usually a damp proof course is a plastic strip that has been sandwiched between the brick work of the wall.
How Much Do DPC Injections Cost?
We tend to see many of these remedial actions cost between £500 and £800 for a typical Victorian mid Terrace. This price includes the materials and labour on-site. The price varies due to the length of the wall that needs the application and the type of system that is installed. The injection process is fairly simple, clean, and will last for many years.
What can be done about rising damp and damaged DPC’s?
There is a wide selection of chemicals and gels that can be placed into the walls by injection to create an artificial DPC. Injecting these chemicals and gels is much cheaper than having to install a physical DPC into an existing wall, and can do the and can do the job comparably. Though it is possible to do it yourself, we recommend you hire a professional to do this because the process can be tedious for someone who does not have the know-how.
What if there’s not a DPC in place?
Many homes, especially those built within the last 100 years, will have DPC’s. However, some DPC’s can get damaged over time. Damaged DPC’s are then susceptible to damp penetration. For example, if an older house settles and the Slate course cracks moisture could move through those cracks and move upwards. Thankfully, actions can be taken to help deal with this.
How costly is a damp proof course?
A damp proof course varies. The first thing you should consider when trying to estimate the cost of a damp proof course is the size of your home and the thickness of the walls. Then the rising damp treatment costs are scaled depending on your problem, the root cause, and the size of the building. Below is a guide on damp proofing average costs in the UK. These prices tend to inflate by around 20% around the London area.
How do damp proof membranes work?
Strips of waterproof material are laid in one piece underneath the floor to prevent groundwater from seeping upwards through the concrete base. A good example is polyethylene sheeting that is placed under a concrete slab. If you’re concerned about damp proof measures in your home book a damp survey appointment with us today.

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