Mastic Asphalt Damp Proofing in London

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What is Mastic Asphalt?

Mastic Asphalt is one of the oldest waterproofing materials that can trace its origin back to the Phoenicians. Its unparalleled protection against water penetration is of the highest quality and remains effective for years. Mr Claridge first patented it in Paris in 1837. That is why it is known as Claridge’s Patent Asphalt. Most of the prestigious buildings in the UK, St Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace among others are protected by it.

The material is a blend of limestone held together by bitumen and modern polymers that were added in recent times. It can withstand foot and vehicle traffic. It is also non-flammable and non-toxic. Its claim to fame is durability.

Is Mastic Asphalt Number One Among Waterproofing Materials?

This versatile material protects from air humidity, which is a common culprit when it comes to dampness problems. With it, you will prevent damp problems in the crawl space, basements, cellars and bathrooms among other places. It will outlast almost anything and has been applied to walkways, bridges, car parks and balconies. All places that are subjected to penetrating dampness will no longer pose a problem when you have Mastic Asphalt. With its uses in multiple situations for the purposes of repelling water and forming effective damp proof membranes, Mastic Asphalt is undoubtedly number one.

Damp Proofing Can Help Prevent

  • Rising / Penetrating Damp
  • Ingress of Water
  • Salt Crystallization
  • Plaster Breakdown
  • Damp Staining
  • Wet Rot / Dry Rot

Why Use Mastic Asphalt Specifically?

 A Proven Track Record

The longevity of Mastic Asphalt is more than 50 years. It is a material that is a favourite among architects, engineers, and homeowners who want a durable membrane that is waterproof. It is easy to see why this material outperforms the competition. It is used in high-end projects like car parks, structures exposed to moisture and bridges, because of how easily it prevents water damage. Even better than the performance under moisture, this product is easy to repair if it wears off in five decades or so or gets damaged (which is highly unlikely.)


Environmental conservation and sustainability is a big deal in today’s world. That is why Mastic Asphalt shines and stand out easily. It is 100% recyclable after it has been used for a long period. After it gets to the end of its life as a useful waterproofing material, it can be decomposed to its component ingredients and then be recycled for reuse.

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 Carbon Zero Status

This is undoubtedly the first industry in the world that was able to achieve Carbon Zero status. We are told to make sure that we play our part in making sure that we reduce the number of emissions and Mastic Asphalt is the perfect way to do that. If you are one of the fortunate millions that will receive the Mastic Asphalt waterproofing treatment, you will be contributing to a better world with 100% neutral CO2.

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Trained Craftsmen

When it comes to handling products like this one, you will need to make sure that you have employed the services of the best people in the craft. Condensation, rising dampness, moisture, and humidity will always win with time if there is a bad application of Mastic Asphalt. Installation by trained craftsmen will ensure that the Mastic Asphalt gets to perform its waterproofing tasks with perfect efficiency. Do not take chances with your waterproofing.

Best For Roof Gardens

Roof gardens are prone to dampness because well, they are gardens. You have plants there and naturally water. Keeping the water out of the structure of the house is not easy unless you have a successful waterproofing material like Mastic Asphalt. Green roof projects have benefited from this material for as long as 80 years at a time. Designing is also a factor if you are in the process of building a roof garden. Poured-in-place concrete will benefit from the use of Mastic Asphalt to make sure that you have the perfect and correct damp-proof membrane, that will keep the water from seeping into the structure.

Performance Under Fire

The high mineral content of mastic asphalt renders it virtually incombustible. Mastic asphalt fulfils all the external fire resistance required for a roof covering and achieves the highest rating (p60) – now (aa) – when tested in accordance with BS.1476 part 3:1975. It has also been tested in accordance with draft European standards prEN1187-1 and prEN1187-2. No significant spread of flame was observed and no flame penetration occurred. Mastic asphalt systems also have LPCP accreditation for fire safety.

When it comes to safety standards, Mastic Asphalt checks off all the important boxes. It is non-flammable and non-toxic and will not present any hazardous or health problems to the occupants of a structure that has applied Mastic Asphalt. It has the highest rating (p60) when tested using B.S. 1476 part 3:1975. It also fulfils the European standards (prEN1187-1 and prEN1187-2). Flames will not penetrate through Mastic Asphalt.

Flame-Free Application

Mastic Asphalt is laid in molten form and it is not uncommon for people to confuse it with other materials that need naked flames or torches to apply. Normally for big projects, the material is transported to the site in hot charge tankers for rapid installation. It does not take a lot of time to apply this waterproofing material. For small projects, pre-heated solid blocks in boilers that are placed at ground level. There is no application of flames when installing the material. It is so highly flame resistant and presents no fire risks.

Best value for money

This material is the most reasonably priced kind on the market based on research. As a waterproofing material that can slash costs of the alternatives by 10-15% and famous for being durable and long lasting, it is the only reasonable option that you have.

Recently, manufacturers have introduced advanced polymers that have taken the durability that existed in Mastic Asphalt to another level. Modern technology has allowed the use of this material to diversify and go beyond protecting more than just roofs and a few critical places, to protect every part of your house that is prone to water damage. It is weather-resistant, thermal-shock resistant and constant vehicular and foot traffic. The ease with which it can be repaired is also cost-efficient.

Attractive finish

Aesthetics are as important as waterproofing. Do not sacrifice beauty in the name of protecting yourself from dampness. Mastic Asphalt looks good on roof tiles, reflective coatings, timber deck finishing, roof gardens, slabs and inverted roofs with stone among other places. It blends in well with the kind of design that you have or want. It has unique flooring quality that will work with anything including stone flooring that’s polished like terrazzo. Damp Proofing usually takes into account the design, detailing and longevity of the system for future reproofing, if you ever need it done again.

Remember: Choose Wisely

Even with incompetent installation, the material is amazing. However, why employ services that will fail to give you what you want? Why not go for the best service and prevent dampness, mould, and condensation from forming? Experts are a big factor when it comes to longevity and efficiency of Mastic Asphalt. Pick your experts wisely and enjoy the best material the waterproofing industry has to offer.

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How much does Mastic Asphalt cost?

The price depends on the size of the project. For example, roofing costs are different from flooring costs. For details, contact our qualified experts to get a quote for the prices.

How deep should Asphalt be laid?

A quality finish typically requires that the depth be 4 times the dimension of the largest nominal size (at least) in the surface course mix.

What are the British and European Standards for Asphalt?

BS EN 13108-1 (Bituminous mixtures, material specifications and asphalt concrete.)
BS 594987 –For roads and paved areas, specifications for transport, compaction for laying and protocols for the type test.