Damp Treatments and Repair in London

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Damp Treatment and Repair

You may think your home is suffering from damp, luckily for you at Southern damp proofing we can fix the problem.

At Southern damp proofing, we have a group of specialists and surveyors who know exactly what they are doing when it comes to treating damp. They can treat damp in any domestic or commercial properties.

Southern specialists’ methods are fully endorsed by all the leading trade bodies such as which?, PCA, Trustmark, and many more, meaning that if you hire Southern damp proofing you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. We can fix your damp issues.

If you choose to book a survey with damp proofing, you are guaranteed to have the best service the damp proofing industry can offer. Before any work is done, a specialist damp proof will have to assess any damage. They will have to find out the specific cause of your damp problem. Problems that can cause damp can include condensation and bad air circulation in your home. To the untrained eye, rising damp, and penetrating damp, along with condensation can look extremely similar. However, they must all be treated differently to get the best results. If these are not treated properly and efficiently, the effects on a property can be dire. It can also waste you a lot of time and money.

This is why at Southern damp proofing we would always recommend a specialist opinion from one of our qualified, experienced, and accredited damp surveyors before you attempt to fix it with DIY or any other options.

Damp Proofing Can Help Prevent

  • Rising / Penetrating Damp
  • Ingress of Water
  • Salt Crystallization
  • Plaster Breakdown
  • Damp Staining
  • Wet Rot / Dry Rot

The process we use

We offer a range of benefits and services, from an initial damp survey to the full completion of any damp treatment. Our specialists and experienced technicians can offer you:

  • Diagnosis and identification of the type of damp
  • working out and implementing the best treatment for your damp
  • A full and effective treatment plan, as well as full consultancy, that will take into account what you specifically need and what your budget is
  • Any internal and external repairs that may be needed
  • Replacing or removing any timber or plaster that are damaged
  • Helpful and expert advice on how to maintain and safeguard your property from damp in the future

They will also leave your property clean, safe, and comfortable at the end of the treatment process.

For the duration of the treatment, you will be kept in the loop. You will know exactly how well the job is going, and what we are doing to fix your property. Not only this, but we also offer a full property repair guarantee. You also have the option to take out damp proofing insurance, ultimately future proofing your home from damp.

Damp Proofing Services in London

Our range of treatments

We can help you with a full and comprehensive range of treatments. This is whether you’re thinking about buying a new property, renovating a property or fixing damp in a property that you either own or let out. We can get the job done. Damp proofing, tanking, and waterproofing solutions for new and existing basement are also on offer.

Rising damp treatment

Rising damp is when moisture climbs up the walls, and sometimes even floors, soaking up moisture from below the earth. Usually, it will reach a maximum height of 900 mm in your walls, but this will depend on the types of material in the ground levels outside. Horizontal tide mark will generally be formed by salt deposits, there will be discolouration below this, your wallpapers will be peeling, and it is also possible that white salts have been drawn out of the brickwork by the moisture.

Every building is surrounded by natural moisture in the air that will be trying to find its way into a dry structure of a building. This is why it is paramount you get a specialist in so that you can correctly diagnose the source of rising damp in your property. Southern Damp Proofing Ltd can also offer low maintenance damp works in order to safeguard your home.

New buildings will often be built with a rising damp treatment. This will be a damp proof course in the walls. This will have an effect on how likely it is that rising damp will occur. If the property is older, it is more likely to be damaged because of rising damp. The most common symptom of rising damp is damage to interior wall coverings and plaster.

Several types of floor can also display staining and moist patches. Without the assistance of a damp proof membrane or course, materials such as brick and stone can soak up moisture. This can happen to the most beautiful and well-maintained of properties, as original stone or quarry tiled floors are susceptible to damp. It can often be overlooked that damp may occur.

The worst thing about damp is the fact that if it is not treated it will continue to rise, it may cause interior timber and floor joists to rot, and it will ultimately get worse. Not only can it make you ill, it can also bring your home’s structural integrity into question. It is best to treat damp as soon as you suspect.

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Penetrating damp treatment

Penetrating damp is a result of different issues with moisture. Various types of fabric within the building can allow water to leak into walls or floors. This may make guttering of pipes ineffective, if your flashing is faulty, it may make cause poor pointing.

In order to treat penetrating damp, the source of the problem must first be identified. Only then can it be corrected, and the flow of water improved. After this source is identified, finding out the best treatment option can also begin.

If your case of penetrating damp is minor, it can be discovered and treated through various DIY techniques.

However, if your case of penetrating damp is more serious, we would recommend professional and expert help. This is because penetrating damp can cause the need to replace plasterwork. It may have caused wet or dry rot, and it may have also caused harmful black mould. The dampness may have been caused by bridging through wall insulation, we can fix that.

If there are damp problems in your home, it is best to treat them first before decorating or renovating. While you can start your renovation process at any time, the longer you wait to treat damp, the worse it will get.

Dry rot treatment

Dry rot is a slightly different type of damp. It is caused by a specific species of fungi that will eat into your woods, making it stronger and stiff. Any decay is caused by dry rot. It will result in cracks and darkly coloured deterioration.

First of all, to treat dry rot you must identify it at its source. After this, you must remove the source of moisture. This will starve the fungi, meaning that it can no longer flourish. After the source has been removed, the next stage of treatments can occur. This will typically involve the removal of plaster, the application of fungicide, and the fixing of any issues with the structural integrity within the timber. The final step may include the removal and replacement of decorative and/or structural timbers.

When it comes to treating dry rot, it can seem insurmountable. However, at damp proofing, we have qualified and experienced surveys, technicians, and specialists. We are experts in treating dry rot issues and treating them efficiently. We are highly rated and approved by a variety of bodies in the industry such as which?, The Property Care Association and Trustmark. We are leaders in our field, you can trust us to fix your damp problems.

Specific courses of treatment will depend on every individual situation. However, we can use environmental controls, such as ventilation and isolation, which will starve the damp and ensure that dry rot does not recover.

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Treatment for wet rot

Wet rot is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of different types of wood rot. The most various types of wood rot caused by different fungal species. The most common is ‘cellar fungus’ (also called Coniophora puteana).

Issues involving wet rot can range from mild to extremely severe. Wet rot can affect structural integrity in timbers. This means the sooner the issue is tackled the better. It is crucial for severe wet rot to be fixed.

Wet rot is usually caused by high moisture content, however, this can come from a variety of different sources. So, identifying this source of moisture and attending to it is crucial in the treatment of wet rot. The next step can be chemically treating the area where wet rot has grown so that it does not come back.

At damp proofing we can help. We have a fully qualified team of specialists who are here to help. We can provide you with many different wet rot treatments.

Not only this but throughout the treatment of wet rot, we will also give you helpful expert advice on anything you can do to safeguard your house from wet rot in the future.

An example of this is waterproofing services. If wet rot has occurred in your cellar, it is important to make this area watertight.


Condensation is easily the most common cause of damp in buildings. It accounts for most of the damp problems that are reported. It can affect both new and old buildings and can be specifically problematic with older buildings that have been modernised. Effective treatments such as double glazing and insulation can have a negative effect, as the property will not naturally ‘breathe’. As time progresses, we are spending more and more time inside our properties, which can also contribute to increasing levels of moisture in your property, and unfortunately increase the risk of illness, too.

There is a relationship between condensation and peeling wallpaper, wet window, and mould growth. This is what you will notice first, and how bad your mould issue is will show you how bad the problem is. Unfortunately, mould caused by condensation is usually found on decorative surfaces, especially wallpapers. This can mean it has permanent damage if left untreated. There are also many cases of people reporting illness due to mould, and it can also create a musty odour.

Ventilation is crucial for your home to alleviate the problem, as well as removing sources of penetrating damp. This way moisture and air will flow more naturally and effectively. In some cases, it may be necessary to warm up walls and wallpapers as well as ventilating the property, this is to minimise the risk of dew point temperature being reached. Dew point temperature is where moisture droplets form on your surfaces. Increasing temperature and ventilation will help treat signs of mould and possible side effects associated with condensation.

At Southern damp proofing we offer a variety of ventilation systems, including economic or traditional sleeved wall vents. This will help with airflow in your house, which will alleviate condensation. There will be little heat loss and our mechanical vents are quiet, energy efficient and low maintenance. While you may notice that damp is there, you certainly won’t notice the ventilation systems.

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Timber treatment

Timber treatment will preserve your wood. The treatment will penetrate your timber and coated with a protective preservative, that will stave off decay caused by insects and wood-destroying fungi.

The preservative is placed deep inside the timber structure through a vacuum and pressure. This area of the timber is known as the Heartwood because it is what helps the timber stay structurally sound. The vacuum will remove any air cavities from the timber so that there will be space for the preservative to be forced into the wood with extreme pressure.

Any timber that is placed outside, especially timber that will touch the ground, is exposed to the elements. It will need some sort of preservation to protect it from environmental challenges.

The amount of preservative that is needed to get the best results will be decided by the intended use of the timber. They are also based on the level of threat posed by insects, fungi or decay. This will depend on the environment. Specialist replastering is a crucial part of the treatment of rising damp.

A damp proof course will prevent moisture from rising into walls. Rising dampness will bring in soluble salts into the plaster and brickwork. These salts are hygroscopic. These hygroscopic salts will prevent wall plaster from effectively drying out. This means that it is paramount to replace these with a salt retardant render. We recommend Kenwood waterproof rendering system, in order to keep a good-looking dry internal finished.

Treating woodworms

Once you have identified an active woodworm infestation, it is absolutely essential you treat it immediately. You will need to eliminate these pests, otherwise, timbers in your property may become weaker and your structural integrity may become compromised.

Southern Damp proofing has over six decades of experience when it comes to treating woodworm infestations. Our specialist surveys and technicians are fully trained and qualified in a range of woodworm extermination solutions. They will be able to eliminate any woodworm problem completely and comprehensively in any property.

Call us today if you think your property needs professional woodworm treatment from the best in the business.

Structural repairs

Wear and tears are natural in any property, meaning that structural repairs are often needed. Age and deterioration or other unavoidable things such as water damage or substance will affect the quality of your wood.

Structural damage is common in older properties over time, even newer properties are liable to have issues with brickwork and stonework.

This means that just because a house is new, does not necessarily mean it doesn’t need structural repairs. Southern Damp proofing are experts at identifying and repairing structural defects in your home.

We offer a variety of bespoke services for you. This includes crack stitching, structural anchoring, lintel repairs and cavity wall ties. Each treatment option will be tailored to your individual circumstance.

Treating and preventing damp

A lot of people when they discover damp will simply decorate over it or ignore it. This is only a short-term solution to the problem and will often result in more serious problems in the future. We are called damp proofing for a reason, we are experts at what we do. We know that damp can lead to decay and faults in the structural integrity in your property. It can also encourage mould and rot, which is why we offer the best damp proof treatments on the market to help you maintain your property.

Tips and tricks

There are many trade secrets to help you prevent damp from occurring in your house. They are as follows:

  • Keep your guttering clear and free of debris and leaves
  • Ensure your downpipes are in a good state
  • Make sure your drains and grating covers are clear to allow free flow
  • Keep the rendering on the outside of your house in good shape
  • Make sure soil does not build up next to your house after the damp proof course
  • Make sure vents are clear from any blockages

Why should you choose us?

At Southern damp proofing Ltd, we pride ourselves in everything we do. Our customer service is exceptional, and we provide high quality, reliable and efficient solution to any damp proofing problem. Our expert technicians and services provide an outstanding service, which will protect your home from many years to come. We are qualified and experts in the analysis, prevention, and eradication in every type of damp problem in every type of household.

Every one of our surveyors is a highly trained professional when it comes to damp proofing solutions and remedial damp services within both commercial and residential buildings. We will provide an excellent service, and we will keep you notified about the entire process. This will mean we will explain in detail what we are doing to remove your damp, so you have full transparency of everything that’s going on.

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