Woodworm Treatment in Beckenham, London

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What is Woodworm?

Woodworm is the generic term used for wood boring beetles that lay eggs in timber, including the furniture in your home. The larvae of these insects can use wood as a food source and will drill into wood to feed. Signs of this infestation include powdery mildew deposits around holes or beetle sightings within the timber. Each beetle or larvae makes a round hole as it eats its way through the wood until it emerges from the other side. The tens or hundreds of channels bored by the beetle larvae in the wood decrease the tensile strength of the timber. Over time, the effect of woodworm has been known to cause roofs and floors to collapse and structural beams to weaken to the point of collapse. These wood-boring insects – also called ‘woodworm’ can cause considerable damage to structural timbers of the property; as well as furniture, skirting boards, and in some cases sub-flooring.

Types of Woodworms

The Common Furniture Beetle ( Anobium punctatum ) and House Longhorn Beetle (Hylotrupes bajulus) are the main woodworm species that attack timber in homes.

The family to which the furniture beetle belongs is the Anobiidae, and the same family also contains all beetles infesting dead or dying wood.

Wood-boring beetles lay their eggs in soft and damp timber, where pupae then hatch into beetle larvae. The wood-boring larvae eat the wood as they grow, which is very bad news for your home or business.

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What are the signs of woodworm

It can be difficult sometimes to spot the exact signs of an insect infestation, but if you notice small holes in your woodwork then you may have a problem. Some species of beetle lay eggs under the surface, and you may not see any evidence of an infestation until some time into it. Look out for tiny holes appearing on the floor and ceiling of your furniture. These could be the result of woodworm activity. It is important to recognise the signs of woodworm, so you don’t have to worry about any destructive repercussions. You are encouraged to inspect your property for signs of woodworm so you can treat it before the situation becomes a serious problem.

Damp Proofing Can Help Prevent

  • Rising / Penetrating Damp
  • Ingress of Water
  • Salt Crystallization
  • Plaster Breakdown
  • Damp Staining
  • Wet Rot / Dry Rot

Why Is Woodworm Infestation A Concern in Beckenham

Woodworm is a major issue in all parts of the Beckenham, causing structural damage. Woodworms can attack many different types of wood and wood-based products, including timber flooring, cedar decking, garden furniture, fence posts, and so on. Woodworm is just a problem when it is in untreated damp softwood, so treat yours today. This is usually within the first 10mm of any external wooden structure.

Controlling a woodworm infestation before they spread and doing so systematically is the key to preventing further damage to wood and wooden structures. Pets can carry woodworm larvae, so you should keep pets away from old furniture and other old items that may be infested. The worst thing about woodworm… is that they can also quickly tunnel through the wall of your home while spreading into your property.

How do I know when I need to use a woodworm treatment

If you’ve noticed small holes in your furniture or the flooring, this could be a sign of an infestation by these parasites. As there are legal and health & safety issues related to treating woodworm, it’s crucial that you chose leading experts in the field. Woodworm treatment is a necessary part of home maintenance. It’s often part of a standard or annual home inspections, and it’s possible to reduce the risk of serious infestations from getting out of hand.

Should you Deal With Woodworm Yourself or call in professionals

Whether you suspect an infestation or need to be reassured that there isn’t one, you should talk to a trusted professional. Different types of woodworm and infestations may look the same from the outside but that’s where similarities end. They come in different shapes, sizes and prefer eating different types of wood. Depending on the wood-based property in your home, some woodworm may cause structural damage, while others might destroy your family heirloom. Although some homeowners may use a DIY treatment for woodworm they really do not know its type. Having dealt with woodworm infestation for the past 10 years, we are aware of how disruptive it can be. The professionals at Southern Damp Proofing are focused on keeping your home safe and sound.

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Woodworm Specialist Treatment in Beckenham

We have many years of experience in damp proofing that has led to our expertise in a full range of damp proofing services. We have the necessary technical skills and practical understanding of building, and detection of damp-related problems Our technicians are experienced in the use of different types of equipment to deal with woodworm problems, whatever they may be. From our expertise and experience, we can quickly identify the source of the woodworm and give you a fair quote to do the necessary work. There are no woodworm treatment jobs we can’t handle at Southern Damp Proofing. We have an expert and professional team of woodworm specialists who will advise you on the best course of action to treat your woodworms. We will provide you with a free written assessment of your home and the best way to fix it all with no cost or obligation.

Our experts will carefully examine your home in order to determine the best solution for your property. We will only use permanent solutions and provide the best treatment for your needs. Once we have done this and answered your questions, we will provide a free quote for the proposed works, If you are happy to go ahead, we will proceed to book the job at a convenient time for you and your family.

Woodworm treatments are nasty stuff, so we always wear protective clothing when working on site.

You should make sure the property is well ventilated during and after application. It usually takes 6 hours for the last coat drying but if we use a stronger treatment, it might take a day. We typically leave the wood to absorb the treatment for about 48 hours, and then we come back and inspect it again.

Why choose Southern Damp Proofing for your woodworm treatment and Timber Repair in Beckenham

We have over a decade of experience in the industry that has seen us build up an excellent reputation of trustworthiness, reliability, and efficiency. All our team members are trained to find the problems of our customers and treat them accordingly. Our staff is professional and friendly. since 20, Southern Damp Proofing has been in the industry. Our damp proofing treatments are covered by a 10-year guarantee against woodworm, rising damp and rot. Independent, and family-run company You book our service as early as six months in advance. We are available Monday to Friday

Our Approach to Woodworm Treatment in Beckenham

Our Woodworm Treatment Services in Beckenham

  • A detailed property survey
  • Identification of the type of woodworm
  • Choosing the perfect treatment plan
  • Application of the right chemical.
  • Removal and replacement of any infected or compromised timber in your home with the highest quality products.

Our woodworm Treatment Procedure in Beckenham

Woodworm treatment is one of the most important services we provide. We offer woodworm treatment in a way that best suits the building. We can treat your problem quickly with the best of products and services. We’ve been in the pest control business for a decade so you don’t have to worry about our experience or efficiency.

Our team will survey the property to locate any signs of woodworm. Our business uses only environmentally friendly products to get rid of the woodworm in your home. From office spaces to residential homes, our experts will ensure that your building is safely rid of the infestation and any signs of rot. To prevent the spread of woodworm damage within a property, we aim to treat as many surfaces as possible that woodworm is likely to infest.

This includes frames and sills, skirting boards, joists, wall studs, and floorboards, especially where visible. We will treat your home or workplace once with a suitable wood preservative and you will have no worries regarding woodworm attack in the future. If you have already seen evidence of woodworms, such as holes in the wood or frass, we recommend that you call us immediately on 020 7971 1329 to discuss your situation with your surveyor.

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Identifying and Removing Woodworms in Beckenham

Woodworm and similar pests always target untreated structural wood including flooring and roof timbers/joists. Woodworm can be more than just a nuisance from an aesthetic point of view. It can spread to joinery and common furniture. There are many companies selling different products in the Beckenham market. Some of this product can be applied both to the inside and outside of a building, or else just to the interior if required. You can rest with ease knowing that your wooden surfaces are safe for your children and pet once dried. The solvent-based treatment has an unpleasant smell, and

Solvent-based products usually have a high VOC so therefore have a much stronger smell than the water-based equivalents. Restricted access for about 8 hours to the areas being treated is recommended. Also, a ventilation system for fresh air is a good idea. We want to make sure you’re comfortable, therefore, we work with you to pick a time that will be convenient to have your property treated. We are experienced in the identification and treatment of woodworm beetles. They will ensure your home remains clear of woodworm infestation. Our team uses state of the art products, procedures, and equipment for every job we complete.

How much does a woodworm treatment in Beckenham cost

The cost of treating woodworms will vary depending on a number of factors. These include the type of woodworm and the extent of the infestation. It’s cheaper to treat a woodworm problem early, rather than after a full-blown infestation. A widespread infestation one, however, would require a complete overhaul and replacement of key structural elements of your home. If you require a woodworm inspection and need free woodworm treatment advice from our woodworm infestation treatment specialists regarding costs, call us on 020 7971 1329 Today!

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Southern Damp Proofing has been expertly treating damp and woodworm in locations all over the Beckenham area for over 10 years. We offer quality, cost-effective treatments for Wet Rot, Dry Rot, and woodworm beetles. We’re a full-service, award-winning property restoration company dedicated to preserving and enhancing the value of your property’s appearance and function. Free woodworm inspection or treatment, call today on 020 7971 1329.


Is woodworm infestation a serious problem?

Some of these wood-boring beetles do not cause any real damage to furniture. However, the Longhorn Beetle has an appetite for softwood which can cause major damage to your property.

How can Identify a house that has a woodworm?

Woodworm can pose a significant risk to the structural integrity of a building that’s why you should check before buying any house. Properly inspecting the property by professionals is effective to know if the house is safe. If you have bought a property and the survey company says there is no woodworm, but in the future you detect woodworm, and they said in the report that there was no woodworm present; this will help to ensure that you can take action against them if it was there when they did their survey checks.

You can check for woodworm yourself, but it may be hard to diagnose if you do not have adequate experience of what to look for.  Woodworms could be present in a home for many years without it being noticeable, and woodworm doesn’t just affect old homes, it can also affect very new homes.  If you aren’t entirely confident if the home you want to purchase has a woodworm or not, feel free to call us on 020 7971 1329X.

Woodworm is caused by what?

Woodworm is usually found in damp, poorly-ventilated places such as lofts, cellars, floors, and attics! If you want to stay clear of woodworm, you need a level of humidity in your home.

Is woodworm active in winter?

Not really, they are less active but once temperatures begin to rise they become more active. To avoid the winter, they often migrate to areas where the temperature is favorable to them.

Does the woodworm go away

If you’re thinking of buying a property which has been subject to an infestation of woodworm, make sure you have a plan in place. You can contact us.

Dry or wet wood; which is the woodworm’s favourite?

Woodworm will not live in wood that is already dry, so if you are checking to see whether or not there are any signs of infestation, then the first thing you need to do is check the moisture.

How can I eliminate woodworm from my property?

Don’t let woodworm damage your property. See how you can protect your home from the dangers of woodworm by calling 020 7971 1329X for professional advice.

My home is under the attack of a woodworm, how do I treat it?

Woodworm treatment depends entirely on the type of beetle causing the problem. Some DIY tips for getting rid of the woodworm problem can work, but it is best you take help from a pest control company.

Is Boron woodworm treatment safe?

Boron Ultra 12 has no vapour formula unlike most other boron products in the market. Some woodworm treatments contain some nasty chemicals. One of the most common is called cypermethrin, and it is not safe.

Are toxic substances included in the solution you use for woodworm treatment?

Our woodworm treatment is completely non-toxic and safe to use. However, treated areas should be avoided for up to 8 hours

Can I rely on your woodworm treatment to last long?

The woodworm treatment is durable and guaranteed to last 10 years, though the treatment should be effective for much longer than that.

Can house insurance help me recover from woodworms’ damages?

No, most house insurance policies will not cover you for woodworm.  You may want to talk to your house insurance company to include it as an addition.

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