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As a traditional damp proofing company, our goal is to ensure that your home is a comfortable and beautiful place to live. We offer a variety of building and restoration services in London. Our expertly trained technicians are available across London, so you can easily find a friendly Southern Damp Proofing surveyor for a damp survey (usually for free in London) at a convenient time for you. If you would like to know how much repairs might cost you, we can give you an instant quote you for damp proofing.

The quoting process is easy and straightforward; it’s just in the same way we can quickly measure the damp-affected area and help you decide which extras if any, you would like. Then we can quote you off of those measurements and any other needs you would like to have. If you change your mind after you’ve been given a quote, it’s simple to modify the information so that you can get a true cost of damp proofing no matter what your preferences are and how they may change.

The Cost Of Damp Proofing

A typical bedroom semi-detached house costs around £250 to damp proof. This price includes a new DPC inserted both internally and externally to the walls, as well as the rendering and plastering of the internal walls to finish the job.

Additional common damp proof work includes adding a proper drainage channel so that rainwater runs away from the building and walls and does not compromise the existing DPC.

Typically, the drainage is blocked with stones and the channel is fitted into the current soakaway and rainwater downpipe. The cost for a drainage channel is typically in the region of £1000.

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Dampen Timber Specialists In London and the South East England

As specialists in damp problems in London, we have helped treat almost all types of damp problems imaginable as well as varying levels of severity. From extreme condensation problems to rising damp, we know how to deal with the gamut of problems because we’ve seen it all and we know how to fix them.

Southern Damp Proofing is one of London’s premier damp specialists and when working with us you can rest assured that your damp problem will be resolved. In addition to being damp specialists, we are also timber specialists. We are able to review, report, and educate you on any wood related issues that you may have and we are also able to lay out the options that you have to solve these issues. If you choose, we can help solve your timber problems.

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A lot of homes struggle with damp timber problems. At Southern Damp Proofing Damp Proofing, we provide comprehensive damp and timber surveys to clients at absolutely free of charge. Therefore, with us, your mind can be at rest about any damp or timber issues that you need to be resolved.

Our team of dedicated specialists offers honest and accurate feedback through the process from identifying the problem all the way to completing the restoration. Each one of our team members is happy to assist you by visiting your property and discussing any damp or timber problems that you have noticed and will give you expert advice on the best treatment plan for your particular building.

Additionally, our office responds to emergency calls as well. If you have a damp emergency, a proofing quote can be returned to you within 24 hours of our initial assessment.

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Our free no-obligation quotes for work are provided to you because our goal is to be transparent and honest while working with you. Our estimates are correct in 99% of cases.

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All of our damp proofing solutions are custom fit to your specific needs and as always, come with a free, no obligation quote. Call our experts today on 020 7971 1329, so that we can help you solve your damp problem today.

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