Building Technology

What is Building Technology

Building technology is closely linked to advances in architectural science and is associated with the development of new materials and construction methods.

Every new material or technology poses new design challenge, Architectural technology can be summarized as the technical and design competence that is used in the development of new building materials, construction methods and construction systems. The conceptual framework for architectural design, which has developed since the 19th century, has been influenced by a variety of technologies divided into three main categories: building science, building technology and architectural technology.

Architectural civil engineers and others who develop design concepts into buildable realities practice a variety of architectural technologies such as structural engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

Damp Proofing Building Technology

This type of moisture control is applied to the walls and floors to prevent moisture from entering the building and spreading throughout the building and other parts of the structure.

Many home builders and contractors opt for moisture protection, in which moisture-resistant materials are sprayed onto foundations and walls. Moisture problems are one of the most common problems, especially in older buildings, which can be built with moisture-tight membranes. This is a barrier that is normally formed by the construction of a membrane to prevent moisture from rising through the wall.