Building Engineering

What is Building Engineering

Building engineering is primarily concerned with the planning, construction, maintenance and operation of buildings, structures, facilities and infrastructure. Civil engineers work closely with landscape and architecture to improve the environment of a facility and provide infrastructure to support the building.

Building engineers, also known as building technicians or construction supervisors, are responsible for the maintenance and repair of all types of buildings, including residential, commercial, industrial, office, residential and commercial buildings. Their responsibilities typically include the design, construction, operation, maintenance and servicing of the building.

Building Engineering and Damp Proofing

Damp/Moisture problems are one of the most common problems, especially in older buildings that can be built with moisture-tight membranes. A moisture-resistant course is a barrier that is normally formed by building a membrane to prevent moisture from rising through the walls. In this way, the provision of a damp proofing system prevents moisture from entering the walls, floors and basements of a building.

Faulty or inappropriate construction of a structure can be a major cause of moisture in a building, especially in older buildings, such as those with older floors and walls.